Want the copywriting skills to attract high-paying clients?

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"Lee, I'm willing to invest $1 in myself. Let's do this!"

You don't get to work with Russell (or any of my other clients) by writing average copy. 


That's the dream those slick "copywriter training academies" want you to chase, though. 

I say "chase" because these outfits repeatedly waste writers' time teaching them to mimic copy that stopped working decades ago! 

They even tell people that copying 50-year-old sales letters by hand is somehow going to teach them how to persuade today's consumers.

How dumb. 

Clients don't want derivative, outdated copy that misses the mark, no matter how many copywriters peddle it. 

No freakin' wonder there are so many copywriters out there fighting each other over $50 and $100 gigs! 

And for 6 years, I was one of them. 


I struggled financially (and professionally) until I stopped listening to those "experts."


I used to take $10/hr gigs just to keep the lights on. 

One night, I'd just finished 13 hours of writing (which earned me a princely sum of $125)... and fell asleep on the sofa. 

I was awakened an hour later by the sound of a repo truck hauling off my car. 

I hope your life's not anything like that right now... but if you're making anything less than a comfortable income from copy projects (or you're still trying to land those first clients)...


I want you to know there's a better way. 


The copywriting strategies and techniques I teach allow me to take on just three clients a month and still make enough to cover bills, business expenses, savings, two cruises a year, my lovely wife Carla's salon services, and my daily 420 provisions. 

I have a HARD minimum project fee of $2,500, and during peak months, that goes up to $5,000. 

"I want that power too, Lee. So how can I get it for $1 today?"


Simple! Just claim your $1, 7-day trial membership to CopyBrand University by clicking the button below.

Then, if you like it, keep your membership for as long as you'd like for just $27 per month - cancel anytime! 

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Here's what you're getting with your CopyBrand University membership: 


As soon as you claim your $1 trial, we'll send you a link to join our private CopyBrand Community, where you'll have full access to:

  • Monthly video walkthroughs of live, published copy that's generating real results for real clients - get to hear from the clients themselves!
  • Monthly "over the shoulder" videos of copy coaching sessions to pick up strategic insights and write more powerful, in-demand copy.
  • 2X monthly LIVE copywriting workshops to dial in specific persuasion skills and copy techniques for results your competitors can't match.
  • 2X monthly LIVE Open Office hours where you can get real-time advice and help from our CopyBrand coaching team.
  • Interactive, fun contests where you can win CopyBrand University swag, upper-level program scholarships, and even the occasional Amazon gift card.
  • A constructive, positive environment where your coaches, trainers, and fellow students WANT to see you grow your skills (and your income) as a professional copywriter! 
  • FREE certification assessment ($498 standard)  when you complete the included CopyBrand Fundamentals 8-module program (details on that in just a sec)!


But that's NOT all I'm including... 

You ALSO get full access to my 8-module CopyBrand Fundamentals program ($498 when purchased alone)!


Join more than 200 copywriters have taken this challenging, self-paced program... and discover the skills and techniques to be the LAST copywriter your clients will ever need!

Here's the CopyBrand Fundamentals program outline: 


Module One: CopyBrand Fundamentals - Core Concepts and Philosophies

Objective: To establish a foundation for your development as a CopyBrand copywriter

Module Two: Getting to Know Your Client - The Copybrand Project Intake Process

Objective: To help you quickly gather the essential information you need from your client - including insights you can use to build instant rapport in your copy.

Module Three: Getting to Know Your Client's Buyer - The Avatar Immersion Method

Objective: To empower you to gather, analyze, and use real-world insights about a buyer's inner and outer world, so that your copy can speak directly to that buyer.

Module Four: CopyBrand Workshop - Writing Opt-In Pages for Clients

Objective: To give you the tools, framework, and best practices to create lead-generating opt-in pages for your clients or for yourself. 

Module Five: CopyBrand Workshop - Writing Emails for Clients

Objective: To help you create short, powerful emails that actually compel recipients to open, read, and click (without burning them out by the fourth email).

Module Six: CopyBrand Workshop - Writing Product/Service Offer Pages for Clients (Part One)  

Objective: To give you the skills to create offer pages that engage today's skeptical consumers and turn your clients' offers into profit. 

Module Seven: CopyBrand Workshop - Writing Product/Service Offer Pages for Clients (Part Two)

Objective: Learn and implement techniques to refine and revise the Model Offer Letter you created in Module Six. 

Module Eight: Get Paid for Your Skills - Finding, Securing, and Working with Your First (or Next) Clients

Objective: To help you attract clients who understand the value of working with new copywriters, and who will pay you for ongoing project work as you're continuing to grow your skills in CopyBrand University.

Please tell me your success as a professional copywriter is worth investing $1.


People do a lot of things that sabotage the income and success they deserve. But passing up an advantage like this doesn't have to be one of them. 

Claim your $1, 7-day trial membership to CopyBrand University by clicking the button below.

Then, if you like it, keep your membership for as long as you'd like for just $27 per month - cancel anytime!

"Ok, Lee - I want this! Here's a dollar."
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