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"That's fair, Lee. Let's see what ya got."

You've probably been told you can make a fantastic living as a copywriter.

And that's true.

I've been writing copy full-time for over a decade (which gives me the freedom to charge what I want AND be a total hermit).

But today's copywriters can only thrive if they have the skills to write short, straight-to-the-point copy that connects brands to their ideal buyers in a memorable, meaningful way.

Copywriters who can consistently achieve results like this are rare gems... and they can get paid quite well. 


That kind of power doesn't come easy, though.

There are plenty of people that will tell you that you can be an in-demand copywriter with just a few weeks of training and a handful of templates.

But that's not how life works. 

Developing the persuasive prowess to choose exactly the right words to make your clients' followers take action... 

... that takes a LOT of practice! 

That's why there's a swarm of low-level "copy-and-paste" copywriters out there fighting over low-paying, pain-in-the-ass projects. 


What does Ali Luck have to say about CopyBrand U?

Ali's a working copywriter just like you and me. (AND a New Yorker, so NO punches pulled.) When CopyBrand U got Ali's stamp of approval, I could finally breathe a sigh of relief! Check out the video:


Don't be an "average" copywriter.

CopyBrand Fundamentals can help you develop the relevant, engaging copywriting skills to attract high-end clients - and it only takes $1 to get started! (Required legal disclaimer: THIS IS NOT A BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. Mm'kay?)

"Lee's help with crafting copy planted a seed that would unlock the wordsmith embedded deep within my soul."

Joe Gonzalez
Owner, Mejor Strength, MejorStrength.com

"Lee is different! He GETS me and honours not only my style, but my passion, my voice and my mission."

Anel Bester
High-Performance and Mindset Coach, AnelBester.com

"Lee is the King of Copywriting!"

Chris Borja
Owner, Become A Better Networker, ChrisBorja.com

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