Here, in the Connection Economy... Every Word COUNTS.

CopyBrand University is where social media marketers, coaches, copywriters, and online business owners at all levels are learning to craft persuasive, relevant content that generates success - not just "likes."

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Welcome to the Connection Economy.

I'm Lee Rowley, and I've been writing marketing copy full-time for more than 12 years - my client list includes Dan Kennedy's GKIC (now No-B.S. Marketing), Russell Brunson's Clickfunnels, Joe Vitale, The Pacific Group, and many others. 

I've never seen a better opportunity than right now for online business owners of all kinds - coaches, social media marketers, consultants, copywriters, and many others - to build a base of long-term, loyal buyers and brand evangelists. 


Through intentional, relevant, persuasive content that guides audience members along the journey from, "Hi, nice to meet you," to, "I love you and want to buy all of your things!"

(BTW, you'll see me use the words "content" and "copy" interchangeably. That's because "copy" is really just "persuasive content.")

There's NO "magic potion" for that, though. 

There are plenty of people that will tell you that you can grow a raving audience of buyers with formulas and templates and "proven copy hacks."

But that's not how life works. 

Now, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that the marketing messages that resonate with you today aren't the same as what resonated even a few months ago. 

It's DEFINITELY that way for me. 

That's because we aren't the same people we were then. Our inner and outer environments are ALWAYS evolving... 

...and because we're bombarded by more information than ever... they're evolving faster than ever before!


So how do you stay on top of persuasive content that's working right now?


Simple - become a member of CopyBrand University today. 

This isn't a "copywriting course" like the big-box folks charge $1000s for. 

It's a supportive insider community where you have access to fresh, relevant, actionable content every week

  • Writing challenges designed to hone your persuasive, connection-forging writing skills
  • "Tune-up" trainings to optimize specific elements of your content.
  • "What's working now" videos where we walk you through copy that's actually generating results.
  • "Fresh Perspectives" livestreams (and replays) where we interview experts in marketing, copywriting, and other related fields.
  • "Open office hours" where you can hop on to get help with a post, sales page, LinkedIn summary - whatever you're working on! 
  • LIVE guided meditations (and replays) - each week, join us for a guided meditation crafted to help you eliminate creative blocks, attract your dream clients, increase your confidence, and MUCH more!  

In short, it's the insider's guide to thriving in the Connection Economy! 

And as one of the first 500 Founding Members, you get to try all it out for a week for just a dollar!

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What does Ali Luck have to say about CopyBrand U?

Ali's a working copywriter and social media marketer. (AND a New Yorker, so NO punches pulled.) When CopyBrand U got Ali's stamp of approval, I could finally breathe a sigh of relief! Check out the video:


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CopyBrand University offers three membership levels to fit your needs and budget - upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time!




  • Structured weekly writing challenges + prizes
  • Weekly "Tune Up Training" sessions (new + archive)
  • Weekly "Fresh Perspectives" livestream interviews with guest experts
  • 24/7 access to our community of trainers and members, so you never have to worry about publishing off-the-mark content again!

I'll give you access to all this for an entire week for just $1 (because, c'mon, Kajabi alone is costing me $200 a month)!

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Everything in the Standard membership, plus...

  • Weekly "What's Working Now" sessions featuring REAL copy and REAL testing
  • Weekly "open office hours" where you and your fellow Professionals can get advice and help on the spot
  • Weekly guided meditations (plus replays) to achieve excellence, market confidently, bring more balance into your life, and MUCH more! 

I'll give you access to all this for an entire week for just $2 (because, c'mon, Kajabi alone is costing me $200 a month)!

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Everything in the Professional membership, plus...

  • Quarterly PRIVATE one-on-one intensives (60 minutes - normally $250 each)
  • Quarterly interactive workshops to master your message and optimize results
  • Exclusive discounts on swag/merchandise, mastermind events, exclusive courses, and MUCH more! 

I'll give you access to all this for an entire week for just $3 (because, c'mon, Kajabi alone is costing me $200 a month)!

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"Lee's help with crafting copy planted a seed that would unlock the wordsmith embedded deep within my soul."

Joe Gonzalez
Owner, Mejor Strength,

"Lee is different! He GETS me and honours not only my style, but my passion, my voice and my mission."

Anel Bester
High-Performance and Mindset Coach,

"Lee is the King of Copywriting!"

Chris Borja
Owner, Become A Better Networker,

Let's make your content "hit home!"

You have a thriving, prosperous business to build. Join our positive, vibrant community today... and have "what's working now" in persuasive messaging... right at your fingertips!


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